Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hurricane Earl update

[The following is an email and photograph that I just received from Nicole Craig, manager of the Calabash Caye Field Station (University of Belize).]
So.... hurricane Earl Happened. The buoy washed ashore and the crane that was attached to it is buried in sand.  I'm not sure if there was any damage but wanted to keep you updated.
The CCBZ1 buoy after the passage of Hurricane Earl, photo taken August 8th, 2016. Click on photo to see the original size.
For purposes of comparison I am attaching an older photo of this buoy, showing its location on October 27th, 2015. I am assuming that its location and position were unchanged from how it appears in this photo, up until the time that it was impacted by Hurricane Earl.

-- Mike J+
The CCBZ1 Buoy as seen in October of 2015. Click on photo to see the original size.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Latitude & Longitude

Location of the CREWS/C5 Buoy is at 17.274 ° N, -87.81 ° S [double check].

"Virtual station" data is also being collected on the ICON Web site at,


Note that the provisional station name designation CCBZ1 will likely be changed.

Buoy Installed

Buoy has finally been installed.  There are some electronics issues that need to be cleaned up.  Only some of the sensors are transmitting, and we have to correct the script that sends the data file to the FTP site.

Script should get worked on this week.  I will need to replace an SDMSIO4 on my next visit.


Jon Fajans

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Buoy Installation Team Arrival

Left to right, Matt Previtt (Yellow Springs Instruments), John Halas (Environmental Moorings International, Inc.), Jon Fajans (C-ARMS), and Jim Hendee (NOAA/AOML) arrive at Calabash Caye, Belize, for the installation of a Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS) buoy in collaboration with the Calabash Caye Field Station and the principle sponsor, the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center (5Cs).